About MyAudioSession Headphones

1How is the wireless sound quality?
We are using the most advanced Bluetooth solution currently available, with aptX-HD codec capable of 24-bit music quality.
2What’s the battery life like?
Wireless playback time for MyAudioSession headphones is up to 30 hours. A full charge will take up to 120 minutes.
3What about wireless charging?
MyAudioSession headphones are compatible with QI wireless charging and will take up to 120 minutes for a full charge.
4Does MyAudioSession come with a mic cable?
Yes, MyAudioSession will come with a one-button mic cable.

About MyAudioSession Personal Hearing Profile

1Where can I get the MyAudioSession app?
The MyAudioSession app will be available on the Apple Store and Google Play store. The app will be compatible with iOS and Android.
Download iOS app
Download Android app
2How does the personal hearing profile work?
The MyAudioSession app will provide a short hearing test for your ears by emitting beeps at specific frequencies. You will use a dial to determine when you can just barely hear the tone. After going through specific frequencies for both left and right ears, the app will calibrate a personal audio profile optimized just for you.
3Will I need to do the test every time I want to use the profile?
No, your custom profile will be saved onto the headphone, so you won’t even have to open the app after unless you would like to create a different hearing profile.
4Why do I need a personalized profile? Doesn’t an equalizer do the same thing?
While modern equalizers can perform functions that seem similar on the surface, MyAudioSession completely tailors your listening experience by enhancing your audio profile based on actual clinical trials and calibrating a 15-band- per-ear result superior to standard EQs.
5Can I use my personalized hearing profile without Bluetooth?
Currently, your personalized profile can only be used with Bluetooth. When using an audio cable, the personal hearing profile will be inactive.
6What content can I use the personal hearing profile for?
Whether it be music, calls, or Youtube videos, the personalized hearing profile will enhance the sound through the headphone.
7Will the personalized hearing profile work if I have severe hearing loss?
The personalized hearing profile can improve your audio experience but is not meant to be a substitute for hearing aids.


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Product Manual

MyAudioSession App Download

For Android users in China, please download here.
For all other users, please download from the Google Play store and Apple Store.

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